Asset Tracking

Never lose track of your assets

Keeping your company secure begins and ends with protecting your assets. For companies whose assets are routinely spread around the country–or even the globe–this task can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, GPS tracking technology allows you to quickly and easily keep tabs on all of your assets, no matter how large or small they are and no matter where they might be located.

Trak247 offers a full range of GPS tracking equipment and software that lets you keep an eye on your assets at all times. Our tracking systems can help secure your company by reducing and eliminating the possibility of equipment theft, since you’ll be able to quickly locate and retrieve any asset even if it has mysteriously wandered off. Hundreds of companies are currently employing GPS technology to protect and observe their expensive equipment, no matter where in the world it might be located.

The work flow of your business depends on up-to-the-second fleet management and tracking. We offer real time GPS tracking solutions to meet your asset tracking requirements. Our GPS tracking system uses state of the art satellite tracking technology and GPRS technology, allowing for easy GPS tracking management from any internet-connected computer. Our vehicle tracking systems use a rugged GPS tracking device to transmit information to Trak247 server and location information is continuously updated.